Kelly the Culinarian: 'Tis but a flesh wound

Monday, December 30, 2013

'Tis but a flesh wound

If you can't stand the cuts, stand out of the kitchen, right? I cut my finger when slicing some homemade no-knead bread this Christmas. I didn't think anything of it, because frankly, I burn or cut myself in the kitchen on a sadly regular basis. It looked fine until yesterday.

After my run with the Western Cook Running Club, I took off my gloves and commented that I thought my finger might be getting infected. Everyone looked at it and was horrified, so I took that as a sign. I tried to clean it up yesterday, but it got worse overnight. I'm now on a 10-day course of antibiotics to try and stop it from spreading.

Glamorous, right?

I'll spare you the photos, but check out the size of the pills I'm taking!


Dawn620 said...

Ouch! I, too, cut myself so often, I keep super glue in my medicine cabinet to "sew" my skin back together!

Hope you heal quickly!

Maggie W said...

Eek! I dropped a bottle the other day (of hair cream) and it cut my big toe. WTF. One of my weirder injuries.

Losing Lindy said...

oh no, so happy you have antibiotics to get on the mend

Kim said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Zenaida Arroyo said...

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon!