Kelly the Culinarian: Virtual Happy Hour

Friday, July 11, 2014

Virtual Happy Hour

If I wasn't so far away, I could totally go for a happy hour today. Starting at 9 a.m. Mimosas are happy hour worthy, right?
So in lieu of actual drinks and conversation, let me just pretend I'm tipsy and ready to spill my guts. Random thoughts on this week:

This Elysian Immortal IPA needs to be on your to-drink list. It is delicious and not that expensive ($11.25 for a six pack). Come to think of it, drinking in Seattle is pretty damn cheap. There's an entire fridge display case of bombers for less than $6 near the dog park. And yes, I shop for beer at 6 a.m. Please don't judge me.
The other thing that's cheap around Seattle is happy hour bites. Those cajun tots (which Mandy and I destroyed while staying at the Kennedy School in Portland) were $2, the burger was $4 and the pork slider was $3. More money for beer.
My amusement with in-mirror television screens continues. Selfies, now with baseball.

 I love that my probiotics smile back at me, but this batch had an added bonus: there was what appeared to be one of the seals within the drink. Ick. This one is broken, can I have another?
As a devoted fan of bananas, I had to try the tiny ones at least once. They are adorable, but I learned they also taste different. Maybe less startchy? I don't know, but I noticed the color was more beige and the flavor was slightly different as well.
 This is where I've been swimming lately. Isn't it gorgeous? I watch the sun rise as I go back and forth. And I'm absolutely alone, which is lovely.
After lots of thinking, I'm going to continue on and do the Ironman. I'm undertrained and underprepared, but I'm doing this for me. It boils down to the fact that I'd rather have a DNF (did not finish) than a DNS (did not start). I've trained a lot (not as much as I should), so I might as well see if I can lumber through it. Here goes nothing.


Amanda said...

You got it Kelly! And you still have a lot more time to train! Love your photos!

Regan Jones, RDN said...

Good for you! I love that motto -- better to start and not finish then never have started at all. And I'm betting you're going to do way better than you think. After all, you are the #IronBitch :)

Maggie W said...

That pool looks amazing! Good luck with your training!