Kelly the Culinarian: #Sweatworking at Power Sculpt Chicago

Monday, March 2, 2015

#Sweatworking at Power Sculpt Chicago

I really need to question my ability to fend off peer pressure. After last weekend’s workout at CrossTown Fitness, Katie of LiveHalfFull mentioned another event she was going to this weekend and said I should totally get in on it. She’s been meaning to try out #Sweatworking for a while, which is a workout coupled with networking and a gander at new products in the healthy living sphere.

I actually missed the registration deadline and just happened to score a seat in the class off of the waiting list (thanks, Jeana!). Parking at Power Sculpt was a challenge in a truck, but I was right on time and ready when the 65-minute class kicked off. We were split into three groups, which rotated through different workout scenarios. One group started on spin bikes, then the other two with TRX and Bosu ball activities. I started in the main studio with that. I wasn’t nearly as liquidated by the workout as last week’s, but I also was concerned my form was lacking on the squats and curls because I’m so far out of practice.
The spin portion of my workout was about 18 minutes of intense pedaling interspersed with up and down out of the saddle efforts. The studio was tiny and the mirrors steamed up, so it was hard for me to tell if I was sweating from exertion or in unity with the sweltering room.

We finished the workout in the main studio again with core work and light lifting, and more resistance band work. In all, it was an intense session that if I had pushed myself, would have kicked my ass in a BIG way. However, my ass was slated to run 20 miles the following day, so I held back to prevent three-hours of whining about my soreness while traipsing up and down the hills of the Morton Arboretum.

After I finished sweating, refueling was in order. A local purveyor brought in healthy chili, and electrolyte drinks were plentiful. 

There was also a raffle in which I snagged a 10-class pass for later, and the goodie bags alone were worth the price of admission. They included a free wax, sake-infused drinks, chapstick and deals on future workouts, so that offset the $15 entry fee.

The next #Sweatworking event in Chicago is March 24 and it’s a combo yoga/HIIT workout at 7:30 p.m. It’s $15 per person and if you follow the organizer on Twitter, they occasionally share discount codes, too. Sadly I’ll be sweating in another state that day (don’t cry for me, I’m going somewhere warm).


Unknown said...

Can we work out together again? :(

KellytheCulinarian said...

My basement trainer is all lonely without you. Come back to civilization soon?