Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Three Things Thursday

1. We lost power during the weekend and were very grateful for our gas fireplace. It actually wasn't that bad - the kids did crafts and made smores and raced around the basement on their scooters with glow sticks. But man, it was a good reminder that we need candles, flashlights and matches.

2. It's January and I'm still running outside. I got this puffy vest at Costco for $9 and it's really making a difference in keeping me toasty outside. The catch? I found it in the little girl's section. So now we know I can wear a girl's size 12 if need be.

3. Today is the smallest one's birthday, and his school doesn't allow us to bring candy or treats to celebrate. I was at a loss, so we went with the one thing all kids love - glow sticks. A visit to the dollar store and some crafting over cocktails and here we have it. I hope the kiddos enjoy it.


Katie Adams said...

Nice idea with the glow sticks. I'm saving that one for later!

Maggie Wolff said...

Wait, are kids required to bring something to school on their birthday?? Or is that just a nice thing you did?? I don't recall doing that when we were kids.

Kelly Stone said...

So it's not required, and I'm sure the kids don't notice the difference. B has been at this school two years and I can only remember once that a toy or prize actually survived long enough to be brought home. But it's one of the mommy guilt things that I wonder if other parents would judge me for opting out of.