Kelly the Culinarian: One Week to Fort2Base!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Week to Fort2Base!

I can't believe the race is almost here! The first Fort2Base Race just a week away from today. I've already been tapering to a certain degree so that I'm fresh and rested on race day. I'm kind of going stir crazy, but I know that nothing I do in these final days will improve my level of fitness or change how I perform on race day in a positive way. Here are my race rules in the week leading up to any race:

  • Get rest. I try to be in bed asleep at 10 p.m.

  • Eat well. I avoid fast, fried and fatty foods along with caffeine, coffee and chocolate. These can give me heartburn and make me sluggish, so I'd like to avoid feeling icky.

  • Nothing new. In the same vein, I eat nothing that's unfamiliar to my system. Now is not the time to try a great new restaurant or fun side dish, because you never know how your body will react.

  • Light exercise. I'll probably run a bit this week but focus more on cross training, including riding my bike, roller blading and using my elliptical.

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch. I stretch before bed every night to stay limber.

  • Water before water and then some more water. My water bottle will be with me permanently for the next week to make sure I'm properly hydrated for the race.

  • Salt. Starting Thursday, pretzels or pickles will be an afternoon snack so that my body holds onto some of the water.

Any pre-race rituals you adhere to?

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Maggie W said...

I try to do a lot of this stuff too before a race, but I'm so bad about stretching. I even have a foam roller ... need to get that out and use it more! I think the only thing I do really well is getting enough water (I drink a lot of water as it is, but kick it up a little before a big race) and diet - get enough healthy fuel, but not over do it.

Last big race I had Buca di Beppo the night before, partly for the carbs/protein and also so I would have some good leftovers to eat post-race - who wants to cook?