Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Big Hit Half Marathon

Monday, September 19, 2011

Training Tuesday: Big Hit Half Marathon

I'm so psyched for my first half marathon. After my little implosion around mile eight of the Fort2Base Race, I'm being careful with my training plan to adjust according to the challenges I encountered during this 11.5-mile race. Mainly, I was hungry and needed fuel, otherwise, I could have kept going.

I'm not following any predetermined training plan this time because I had about six weeks between Fort2Base and the Big Hit Half. My goal is a sub-two hour half, which is attainable if I can up my speed slightly and maintain my energy level with fuel.

So I started rebuilding my distance with a weekly long run. Sunday, I hit the train for a nine-mile run. It was a long, wet run that I finished with a 9:55 overall pace. I tried fueling with gummy worms this time, which I didn't really enjoy chewing. Next week, I have 10 miles on the agenda, so I'm going to try fig newtons. Yum!

I'm also doing a weekly tempo run, a mid-distance run and elliptical workout, all of increasing distance/time. I hope to keep up one weekly yoga session (for free at lululemon) along with several core and strength-training sessions during the week to make it a little easier on my body to maintain the distance.

Mantra: It doesn't matter how slow I go, I'm still going faster than I was sitting on the couch.


Kim said...

You are on the track for success with those workouts and figuring out your fueling!

I am in Louisville right now, sitting in the airport. There are a few hills here so check the elevation map to see if you need to do hill training! :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you girl! My eventual goal is to finish one in under two hours. So far my best has been 2:10, so I've got quite a ways to go!

I just love what your profile says about running so you can eat more! :o) I'm EXACTLY the same way! Haha! Now if I could just learn to cut out the sweets, maybe the whole weight loss thing would work. ;o)

KellytheCulinarian said...

You are so singing my song :) I could be a size two, if I didn't love chocolate, candy, ice cream, fudge, baking and beer!