Kelly the Culinarian: Sweet Saturday: An Ode to Pralines

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweet Saturday: An Ode to Pralines

In New Orleans, pralines are like pizza is in Chicago. I was told that pralines came out of the fact that New Orleans had an abundance of both sugar and pecans and this treat was what came out of the need to use this up. Pralines are like amazing fudge with nuts folded in. In New Orleans, you can get pralines in a variety of flavors: original, creamy, chocolate, dark chocolate rum and more.

I really enjoyed the chocolate pralines at Aunt Sally's Pralines, which I unfortunately didn't get a photo of. I loved, loved the creamy pralines at Southern Candy Makers, which is what is pictured, and yes, I ate it first. It was delicious and creamy and the shop was super cute. They had a million different tasty looking items that I wish I could have tried, but I didn't want to give myself diabetes or some sort of sugar shock.

I can't believe how expensive these things were though. Oh well, it kept me from eating a million pralines, which I totally could have.

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