Kelly the Culinarian: Stranger Danger

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stranger Danger

I thought of something else I'm thankful for: my employer closes on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Although I went to CVS yesterday for a few things (yay extra care bucks!), I didn't do any other Black Friday shopping. There's nothing I need enough to wait in line in the dark and elbow people to get. We saw people lined up at Target last night on our way home from my mom's house and it was only 6 p.m.

Instead, I got a Facebook message from Maggie (in the blue top) earlier this week asking if I would like to meet a bunch of strangers from the Internet in the woods. I told her I liked to live on the edge, so why not. I met up with some lovely ladies first thing this
morning at Waterfall Glen for a nine-miler that made me curse myself for eating so much and skip my Insanity workout (it was the "recovery" workout anyhow, so I figure it's all a wash).

After making a wrong turn, I eventually found myself at the
trail head. Holy hills, this was a tough run.

When it was all said and done, we meandered 9.35-miles through the woods in about an hour and a half, including bathroom breaks and a short walk when I thought my heart was going to explode going up a hill. I didn't get murdered or anything and the other runners were so friendly. In addition to meeting Maggie in real life, I met Amanda and a few other runners. They might have blogs too, but I have a hard time with this whole networking thing while I'm trying not to die going up a hill.
I ate the first of many leftovers that day in the car before trekking home: one baked egg and a handful
of pretzels with a gallon of water. Or maybe a little less water. I had coffee, an ice bath and leftover oatmeal before we put up the holiday decorations.

Tim bought me this tree when we first moved in.
We bought the house Oct. 24, 2008, and said we wouldn't buy a tree until after Christmas when they went on sale. But Tim realized it was important to me a surprised me with the tree. It was sweet enough that it made me cry. Most of the ornaments are sentimental items that my mom gave me when I moved out and a lot of the decorations around the house are things she collected over the years. I love bringing this stuff out almost as much as I love Christmas.

She also bought me this super cool lighted garland last year, which goes well with our embroidered stockings (and Napoleon's stocking that says "Santa, I've been doggone good!". We're those people.). And yes, I got photobomed by the dog today. Just like every day. Look for his piercing little eyes between the "I" and "S" of Wish.


Kim said...

I love holiday decorations! I think we are going to start putting ours up tomorrow! :)

I applaud your run in the hilly Waterfall Glen! :) My bf did her 22 miler there... yuck. It's a pretty place though. You didn't mention how scary the bathrooms are... did you not think so? :P

Maggie W said...

I'm glad you were able to join us! I am not aware if any of the others have blogs. Also, I looked at the elevation profile from my Garmin, and apparently we went the "easy" way. If we had gone in the opposite direction, we would have hit the "big" hill: Somehow, that doesn't make me feel better.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Yeah, those bathrooms are something to behold ... In addition to not having doors (which is the problem at Busse Woods), they're also pit toilets. No bueno.

Erin said...

Ahhh, Waterfall Glen! That is one deceiving trail. I run it a few times a year and it always kicks my butt. Sounds like you had a good time, though, even with the hills :-)