Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Insanity Day 7

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Training Tuesday: Insanity Day 7

I'm a week into it and have stuck with the Insanity program almost perfectly. I did skip a workout on Black Friday in lieu of a 9-mile run with Maggie and Amanda. It was a recovery workout anyways, so I figured it was all good.
My weight this morning was 129.8, so I haven't lost an incredible amount of weight. I'm down less than half a pound, but keep in mind that I've eaten my weight in turkey, pie, butterscotch fudge bar bites and blueberry lemon crock pot cake. The fact that I didn't gain like 10 pounds is a small miracle, so these ass-kicking workouts must be working.
In fact, I can already see increased definition in my legs. This my just be a placebo affect, since you can't really change your body in a week, but a girl can dream. I'm interested in seeing how my results on the fit test stack up next week.
By the way, did you catch Shaun T on Conan O'Brien last night? If I could get abs like that, I'll so whatever these videos tell me.

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