Kelly the Culinarian: What's Better Than Free Yoga?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Better Than Free Yoga?

A free yoga mat! I go to lululemon's free yoga on most Saturdays. They've dubbed November a month of gratitude and gave all the participants this morning a free yoga mat. The manager told us that if we had a mat we really loved, still take one and share the gift of yoga. Score!

After yoga, I went to Aldi to deal with the case of the super nasty canned pumpkin. The sales associate told me that they had actually pulled the
brand of pumpkin I had from the shelves because the packaging was faulty, causing the cans to dent easily and probably explaining while it tasted like ass. I got my money back and a free can of the new vendor's pumpkin. I used the pumpkin to make myself a protein muffin when I got home, and it was exactly what I expected. I'll be heading back for a case of the new vendor's pumpkin as it's only $.89 a can. Another score!

What's not full of win is our furnace situation. After paying $100 to get the outlets in the kitchen fixed two weeks ago, I'm now waiting to pay another repair person to come and fix the furnace. Who knows how bad this will be, but it was 58 degrees this morning when I got up. Here's hoping it's a quick fix, not a new furnace.

Since I'm stuck at home waiting, I'm making Tim some breakfast items for the week. This easy breakfast is low-carb and can be made in a batch to last the week.

Breakfast Egg Bites
6 eggs
6 slices good-quality ham

Spray a 12-opening cupcake pan with oil, then
fashion the ham into little meat cupcake liners. Crack one egg into each ham wrapper, then bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until the eggs are set. Store in an airtight container in the fridge, then reheat as needed throughout the week. You may wish to sprinkle cheese on top when reheating.


Maggie W said...

Totally going to try those breakfast egg bites!!!

Kris said...

I'm going to try the egg bites, but scramble the eggs first ... I prefer not knowing whether its a yolk or a white :)

Kris said...

I'm going to try the breakfast bites, but I think I'll scramble the eggs first? Not a fan of whole eggs ...