Kelly the Culinarian: Babies, Baking and Bags of Clothes

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Babies, Baking and Bags of Clothes

I started the day with another round of Insanity, then a breakfast of blueberry Chobani, puffed Kashi cereal, a sliced banana and flax. I had a doctor's appointment, then ran to the grocery store to pick up some adult beverages for tomorrow's shin dig. I chased that with a second breakfast of eggs (one whole, two egg whites) topped with salsa with a side of sliced apple and a cutie.

For lunch we stopped at Sushi Station ... I love that place so much. I had to get my wedding ring inspected, so I stopped into my favorite store in the mall and picked up some awesome clearance petite clothing. This day was full of win.

Mandy assures me that skinny jeans are totally in, and that you do not, in fact, need to be skinny to wear them. Good thing, because they make my legs look like massive ice cream cones filled with a honey ham. I'm still not sold on this whole trend, but I'll give it a go.

We also stopped at Whole Paycheck to pick up a few specialty ingredients. I'm sort of infatuated with their pumpkin bread and was totally inspired to recreate it at home. When we got back, I set to knock out some baking. My neighbor just had a baby, so I was going to fire up the oven to bake cookies anyways. They turned out delicious, so check back tomorrow for my lactation cookie recipe (it's not nearly as gross as it sounds).

Highlight of the day? I won an iPod Nano from Team Ortho for answering one of their polls Facebook. Merry Christmas to me!

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