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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello New Friends

As a result of the Run for Boston 5K I'm planning with Katie of LiveHalfFull and Art at Muddy Monk, I've noticed I have a few more friends I haven't met yet swinging by the blog. Welcome!

I'm Kelly, a food blogger turned runner and triathlete. I became involved with Run for Boston earlier this week out of a desire to do something, anything, to help the victims and community effected by this senseless violence. We are runners. Fast or slow, young or old, we stick together. Running brings people together like nothing else because we know what it's like to conquer the impossible. Three years ago, I was sedentary and overweight. Thanks to running, I have more friends, a healthier lifestyle and a few medals to show for it (and smaller jeans).

By day, I work in public relations and social media at a boutique agency, skills that I'll be applying to this race. Our goal is to provide a stellar experience to remember those lost in Boston and show the world that we will preserve beyond this horrific event. By night, I'm a married yorkie tamer running and baking up a storm as I strive towards a life of balance.

If you're new to my blog, I hope you'll take a minute to check out my about me page, where you'll learn more about my past and my future goal of becoming an Ironman (which is hilarious, since in college I said that if you see me running, you better start running, too). You can learn more about where I'll be running next on my race schedule and scope out my previous race reports or find out where else on the Internet you can find me. And if you just want a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe, I can help you out with that, too. My desserts are quite legendary.
Crunchy Creamy Chocolate Oreo Cake

If you want to help out with the Chicago Running Blogger race to benefit Boston Marathon victims, please e-mail me. The success of this event relies upon our generous sponsors and volunteers.


Beth Sheridan said...

Wish I lived closer and I would definitely help :)

KellytheCulinarian said...

We will have a virtual option so runners everywhere can participate in spirit.

Beth @ Running with the Sunrise said...

Thanks so much for helping to spearhead the race! I'm really excited about it. :)