Kelly the Culinarian: The Secrets of my Recent PR Streak

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Secrets of my Recent PR Streak

The past few weeks, in spite of my sickness, have been awesome running wise. I posted a new 5K PR, then a few weeks later, took five minutes off of my best half marathon time. This is quite miraculous as these have not been my primary goals - I'm currently a little more than two months out from the Racine 70.3 Half Ironman, which is my big goal race.

So how have I come back from a horrific half marathon earlier this year to post two consecutive PRs? Here's what I've done differently that have contributed to my recent success.

1. Run less. I haven't been running as often, perhaps two or three days per week. But the days I do run, I run hard, adding intervals, speed play and time trials at least once a week. I focus on intensity in these sessions.

2. CrossFit. I am consistent with getting to my CrossFit Endurance sessions twice a week.

3. Cross train. As a triathlete, cross training is basically all I do. I'm working different muscles every day, so I don't fatigue as fast, but I am working hard most sessions.

4. Weight control. I was never that big, but every pound helps. I'm much leaner now than I was this time last year, thanks in part to the previously mentioned training techniques.

5. Pacers. Dan really helped push me to my PR on Sunday, for which I am very grateful.
Homemade running fuel

6. Visualize. I spend a little bit of time before I fall asleep most nights thinking about my upcoming race. I picture my desired pace displaying on my Garmin while I feel comfortable and in control.

7. Nutrition. I've nailed the night-before meal, and the answer is pho. It's a Vietnamese dish that's comprised of a salty broth with noodles and a bit of meat. It agrees with my system and doesn't seem to weigh me down.

8. Ditched purchased fuels. I've decided that my tummy just doesn't like the gels, chomps and bites that I used to enjoy. Instead, I've been making my own fuel at home with ingredients that I know agree with me. Come back tomorrow and I'll share the secrets of my new favorite running fuel.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips! I think you posted an Iron Man video and since then, I want to do one in the next 5 years. Only problem, I'm a pretty pathetic swimmer and so maybe I'll do a plastic man? lol

Keep up the hard work! it is inspirational!

KellytheCulinarian said...

Thanks, Declan, I appreciate your kind words!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to learning about your homemade fuel... I could prob use it for my own crossfit workouts!

Unknown said...

Being lean definitely helps with speed. It sounds like you've found a good weight where you perform well. Pho sounds like a great pre-race meal. Good luck with the rest of your training--sounds like you're headed to a big success at your 1/2 Ironman!

Losing Lindy said...

my friend's husband who was doing an ironman had a cup of chicken noodle soup at a station, or maybe it was pho..but he said it was amazing