Kelly the Culinarian: Motivational Monday

Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivational Monday

At the Iron Girl Lake Zurich triathlon, the oldest participant was 70 years old. I passed her on the run and she was looking great and having a great time. What will you be doing at 70?

The youngest participant at the same race was 13. She came in 12th overall. I can't tell you what I was doing at 13, but it certainly had nothing to do with triathlon. I only learned that triathlons existed a few years ago thanks to the joys of the interwebs.

Age is just a number. It's what you do with those years. And I want to be wringing the life out of every last day I have on this planet.

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Losing Lindy said...

wow is 13 the youngest to sign up? I don't think I will be allowing V to sign up for that at 13, but then again it is much better than drugs, sex and boozing it up