Kelly the Culinarian: 2013 I Run Because ___ 5k Race Report

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 I Run Because ___ 5k Race Report

This is my second year doing this free 5K put on by Lululemon Oakbrook Center. It's in one of my favorite spots - Fullersburg Woods - and it's my favorite price point - free.

Just like last year, I had to pick up my race packet at lululemon the day before, and park about a mile away on the day of the race. I met up with the Western Cook Running Club to chat and swap stories before the race. This race is really low key because of the price point. While there are bibs and some type of ranking system, there's not chip timing or clocks. We all walked down to the start line and got rolling just after 8.  The first mile was annoying because I had to dodge a ton of people. I clicked off 7:58 my first mile and noticed a few of the club runners right ahead of me. I tried to catch up, but knew I still had a ways to go.

In the second mile, a very young runner started keeping pace with me.  I called her little runner and encouraged her to keep up, which is hilarious since she eventually smoked me in the last .25 miles.
The second mile clocked in at 7:56 and my last mile at 7:46 felt pretty brutal.  I hung on and did not walk, and managed negative splits, so I'm pretty happy with how this went down.

Post race, they offered yoga, bananas, bagels, PowerBar samples and a variety of information from different vendors. We also all got little lulu bags with these Pura Vida bracelets that provide jobs for Costa Rican artisans. Plus, they're cute.  I'm a fan. The bags also had little cards in them that we posted up on a board with the reason why we run. Mine was pretty obvious, but in good company.

I had a great time and enjoy this race, but I'd be negligent if I didn't mention a gripe. A woman in my running club picked up her packet at the Oakbrook location and was standing around the store when an employee, unsolicited, recommended a lulu product to her because she was a "big girl." It is never, NEVER OK to comment on another person's size, especially when she wasn't even perusing the merchandise. Considering the controversy lululemon is involved with regarding its lack of plus-sized options, I'm appalled the employees aren't undergoing some kind of sensitivity training.

Time: 24:18

Pros: Free, nice course, good post-race celebration, free, and it's free

Cons: Parking is sucky, you have to pick up your packet in advance at lululemon

Will I do this again? Yes, as long as it's free and convenient.


Jamie said...

I'm glad you had a great time! I love the price too, free is great!

I'm shocked that the lululemon employee did that too, ugh.

Losing Lindy said...

I agree about commenting on a person's size.

It was a free race??

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see you! I read the lululemon article and it makes me not want to shop there ever. Never ever!

Zenaida Arroyo said...

Wow, looks like a cool race! That sucks about the lady. I would have run out of there fast!!

I've been to the store once in Minnesota. I was in awe of their stuff but really cannot justify paying their prices for their stuff.

Zenaida Arroyo said...

Wow, looks like a cool race! That sucks about the lady. I would have run out of there fast!!

I've been to the store once in Minnesota. I was in awe of their stuff but really cannot justify paying their prices for their stuff.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Honestly, the prices are breathtaking. I don't know if my entire athletic apparel wardrobe costs what one outfit there costs.

That said, my friend says their wunder unders do wonderful things for your unders.

Jen G said...

It is unacceptable for the employee to make that comment to your friend. I hope she wrote a letter to corporate. Personally, I feel their items are way overpriced and their quality stinks (hence the see through yoga pants).

Dan K said...

You kicked buttocks Iron Kelly! Nice race report. I would have run with you, but I was caught up in my own battle with me.
I agree with your statement about Lululemon's employees should undergo sensitivity training. For those out there reading these comments, it was my wife who had the comment made to her. We both feel that it is not the companies practice of who their market is, that bothers us. We believe if that is your target and focus that is fine because people who live a healthy lifestyle tend to continue living that lifestyle. We feel it is their practice of making customers know and feel who their market is, and that it is not people like my wife, and that is what disgusted us.
What that sales clerk did not stop and think about was that this beautiful person who she thought was "bigger" has a husband, and her husband will stand by his wife. Her husband has a running club, and belongs to many other groups in the Chicago area. I believe if Lululemon wants to grow their business, they have to grow their base through customer service. If you treat a person who may not be your target nicely, one day they may be your target or customer. That is good customer service. You know what they say about people remembering good customer service and bad service? You give someone exceptional customer service and they may tell someone. You give someone bad customer service and they will let the world know 5 times over. The unfortunate part is that I am a target customer for Lululemon, and guess what. I will never wear a Lululemon product because what I feel it stands for. I feel that if you have any self esteem issues, don't walk through Lululemon's door. It's as if some of the employees despise people unlike them. That is how I feel. This one girl in particular did a real nice job alienating any future potential customers they might have. Her pretentious attitude sealed the deal. That is too bad because there was a really nice girl that was helping me, she was very nice. She even inquired how I thought they could make their product better. This goes back to the "good service and bad service". I received good service, my wife bad service. I stand by my wife, and know begins telling the whole world about bad service. I am very grateful for the many choices of athletic wear I have to choose from. I am getting off my soap box. That is all.