Kelly the Culinarian: What I Would Do If I Won the Lottery

Friday, August 16, 2013

What I Would Do If I Won the Lottery

Like most people, I fantasize about waking up rich one day and having no obligations at all.  I'm a realist and all, but a girl can dream, right?  All said, I'm pretty happy with my life and would't change much, which I suppose makes me kind of boring. I'm sure there are a few things I'd buy or upgrade (like drinking better wine and driving something more reliable than the triathlon wagon ... and getting a new tri bike). I love my job, but if I had the luxury of uninterrupted time spread out in front of me and unlimited resources, here are the experiences I think I'd like to have with my winnings.

  • A cruise around the world. I love cruises and think this would be a fantastic way to see the sights. It takes about nine months to circumvent the globe and it is not cheap.
  • Run a half marathon in every state in one year. There are 52 weeks in a year, so I think this is totally achievable, with a great travel agent and the ability to be a frequent flyer.
  • Donate my time and resources to an organization that helps kids deal with bullying. My school experiences were not so great because of bullying, and I'd like to help kiddos going through what I did.
  • Hire a triathlon coach and make a go at a full Ironman as a coached athlete. It's got to be easier that way.
  • Start a microfinancing nonprofit for local businesses. It's terrifying to put everything on the line to start a business, but that's what's fueling innovation in America.
  • Finally read the stack of books on my nightstand ...
  • Find a no-kill animal shelter to support financially and with my time. I love my furbaby and would want to ensure other families find the joy in having a pet.
  • Sleep much more. I haven't taken a nap in years. I know I technically need to sleep eight hours a night, but I also need to feed myself and have clean clothes.
What would you do if you won the lottery?


Losing Lindy said...

I would buy a house with a yard. V tells me all the time how he wishes we had a yard.

The Brit With A Blog said...

I have a very similar list to you unsurprisingly. I wouldnt be cabin mates because boats make me sick, but I would definitely fly ahead and meet ya ;)

I too want to run a half marathon in every state. Ive done two so far.

Id like to donate my time and monies to an organization that helps kids deal with bullying. I too was horribly bullied by someone all the way through school and have experienced my own daughters pain.

Definitely love to support a no-kill animal shelter financially and with my time. But sadly not PAWs after being lied to.