Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. My car broke down Tuesday night. I couldn't get it to shift from park to drive, then it wouldn't start at all. I ended up needing a new brake sensor and battery, plus I got it detailed. Then it rained all day today.  Such is life. Pro tip: Really get your money's worth by only detailing your car once a decade.
My car recently turned 130,000 miles
2. Alyssa and I met for a ride tonight. We got six miles in before the chain broke on my bike. Such is life, again. We walked back to our cars, went to the bike shop and got Mexican food instead. Because six miles on a bike definitely deserved a Mexican food feast.
Not where the chain should be
3. Despite my gimpy leg, I still completed this morning's CrossFit workout as it was written, and I finished first. The WOD was three rounds containing a 400-mete run, 30 jumps over the bar, 20 lunges with 65 pounds in the front rack position and 10 deadlifts with a 65-pound weight. I completed it in 15:16, but my lunges could use some work.

Unrelated, but too good not to share. I took Napoleon to work today. He was bad, but my coworkers didn't seem to mind.


Jamie said...

Aww, Napoleon so cute!

I'm sorry you've had some bad luck lately, hopefully it's all good things from here on out. And you got farther than Mike and I did on our ride yesterday, he got a flat .5 miles in and we didn't have a spare tube with us. Oh well!

Losing Lindy said...

I am so sorry your luck has been stinky.