Kelly the Culinarian: My first Zombie Dust

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My first Zombie Dust

I really meant to blog yesterday. It was on my to-do list and everything. Until this happened:
Eataly Chicago
The rare and illusive Three Floyds Zombie Dust
That's right - we secured a six-pack of the mysterious and highly sought after Zombie Dust by Indiana brewery Three Floyds. For the uninitiated, this magical brew consistently rates as one of the best beers in all the land by various Internet purveyors of such knowledge. And they can't put anything that isn't true on the Internet. It's the Internet.

Anyhow, backing up. We started the day with spin class, which felt especially hard. I also traveled 31 miles in 90ish minutes, so that might be why.

I then got my spine adjusted for my marathon (which is less than a week away. Shoot me now). I see a chiropractor based out of my CrossFit gym on occasion, and the Open was going on when I rolled in. Damn, these guys are good.
Then, we headed downtown on a mission. A mission of pizza.
People kept raving about Coalfire and I saw it on some battle of the best-style program on the travel channel or the food network or something. Tim suggested we try it and I readily agreed. We went with the 'Nduja pizza, which is what they're known for. It's a cheese and basil pizza with calabrese salami. The meat was excellent and we both wished there was more. Also, the crust was so. good. The smokiness from the coal and crunchiness this cooking method imparts was unparalleled.
 We were already downtown and looking for something to do. I suggested we finally go to Eataly, which is like an Italian IKEA for food.

We parked at the spot at Ontario and Ohio that we rent for Tim's classes, then walked the six blocks. Honestly, the place was so bananas on a Saturday afternoon that I can't say much about the store itself. I would have loved to check out the Nutella bar or the pastry counter, but the entire downstairs was a mob scene. We retreated upstairs and checked out the bread (these focaccias look amazing).

We were perusing the alcohol section and noticed a refrigerated beer cooler. I was checking to see if they had my favorite brew from Revolution (Willis) or maybe something from Rogue I hadn't tried when Tim bent over and checked out the very bottom shelf. Hidden back there was one, single six pack of Zombie Dust. We had just talked about me picking some up on our way back from the marathon next weekend if I had the chance, so he said, "If you want to try Zombie Dust, they have it right here!" Sold.
three floyds
We stopped by the coffee bar to toast our victory. I got an espresso machiato with the house blend 1882 coffee. Tim gave me his Biscoff cookie, so I got double the crunchy coffee goodness. We toasted to Zombie Dust and smiled as three different people approached us to ask where we got it.
espresso machiato
If you need me, I'll be basking in the glow of our new beer find, which I had to guard with my life to get out of Eataly.


Maggie W said...

You should still stop by Three Floyds on your way home - they have some good eats in their brew pub. Plus more beers. I really like Rober the Bruce. Plus who doesn't like driving around an industrial park in Indiana to get there? Plus, it's in MUNSTER. The town is named for cheese.

Losing Lindy said...

How is the Zombie Dust? We went to the brewery when I was preggo with V, so I was the designated driver.

KovasP said...

Great score! I'm still scared to enter Eataly, but one of these days we'll get there.