Kelly the Culinarian: Friday Favorites: A Helpful Mishmash of Stuff

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: A Helpful Mishmash of Stuff

I've had this task filled with interesting things to share all week, but no real way to tie it together in a manner a journalist should. But, time's a wasting, so a list shall have to do.

1. I'm running the F^3 Half Marathon tomorrow and it's going to be 41 degrees outside. That's practically perfect. We'll see what I can pull together tomorrow.
Almost exactly one year ago at the
S-no-w Fun 5 Miler

2. Cyclists, please note, the Pearl Izumi Factory Store in South Barrington is closing on Jan. 26. I made the trek out there this week and looked around. I'm ambivalent. It's 50 percent off the regular price, so it's not that stellar, but bike stuff is pricey any way you slice it. I got a pair of nice padded shorts for $30, but that's not write your grandma great.
This came from there last year

3. I enjoy very fine beers on occasion. I'm a beer snob who enjoy hunting rare, delicious and otherwise snooty beers perhaps even more than drinking them. If you're like me, bookmark this 2015 craft beer schedule page immediately. It has charts for tons of the popular craft beer places showing what's available when. If you ever find yourself trying to buy my favor, I drink porters and stouts and enjoy a hoppy, fresh IPA.
Like this one. Nom.

4. This might be my favorite sports clip, ever. At the very least, it's the most redeeming quality of football.

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Anonymous said...

$30 is a steal IMO!!