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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where I've Been

I tried to stay off the Interwebs in the past 24 hours for the sake of my sanity. I had Friday (mostly) off of work and set off for a long run in the morning with the club. I initially planned to do 15, which I dialed back to 13 because of heartburn. And then eventually made it to 11.25 miles when I felt nauseous and terrible. Waterfall Glen gets me every time - those hills kick my ass.

I eventually worked from Waterfall Glen, too, and soaked up the sun while live tweeting. Thank you, WiFi hotspots and rechargeable batteries for making this moment possible.

In the afternoon, I made a call to a local liquor store to see if they had Bell's Black Note Stout. It has a score of 100 on Beer Advocate and the entire Chicagoland area only received like 140 cases. But ask nicely and you shall receive not one, but two bottles of this lovely elixir.
The discovery of one great beverage deserves another, so you better believe I hit up some 99-cent DD iced coffee. Gimme.
The weather here is pretty awesome, so why we couldn't enjoy the new brews, we did have family happy hour on the patio.
Sadly, I started this morning with a new, pathetic PR. Nothing like three hours of sleep to start the day. Argh.
The output from my Misfit Shine
So instead of logging some quality sleep, I logged 2.5 hours with Suzie Slice this morning .... 
Before we drove to Wisconsin to see my niece for Easter. I was terrified of the Easter Bunny as a kid, because why wouldn't I be? Holycrapthisisterrifying.
Save me. Please.
We stopped at the Pearl Izumi outlet on the way home because with the new tri bike, the $20 bike shorts aren't cutting it anymore. I found some great gear on the clearance rack, then got another 15 percent off because I asked nicely. So full of win!
I match my phone
Of course, we couldn't leave the state of Wisconsin without picking up a sixer of New Glarus. My fridge is so legit right now.
Happy Saturday, everyone!


Meghan said...

The weather has been pretty incredible, for sure! And Waterfall Glen is on my list of places to run now that I'm out in the 'burbs! Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Sanity is one of those things you have to keep in balance! Keep it up and have a cold one for me!