Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Reflections on the Marathon

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Training Tuesday: Reflections on the Marathon

Bike ride stats
It's been a little more than a week since I tackled the Circular Logic Marathon. It really feels like it was a lifetime ago. I was quite sore the day after the marathon, executed my high-protein recovery plan. I also went for a slow two-mile jog the day after, and a one-mile swim two days after the race.

Later that week, I executed a decently speedy four-mile run and continued with CrossFit twice a week. This weekend, it was like the marathon never happened. I rode my bike for nearly an hour and a half, then ran a half marathon Sunday at a decent clip.

This all leads me to the bottom line: I don't know what went wrong at Circular Logic. I can't pin down where I went off the rails. But I knew as early as mile six it wasn't going to be my day. I bounced back fast, despite as terrible I felt three hours in.

All that there is to do at this point is move forward. I've tried to put it all out of my mind and just focus on the next thing, which is the Vermont City Marathon in 47 days and some change. This weekend, I'll set out for a 16-mile run if I'm up to it and the weather is favorable. If all is well, I want to run 20 miles the following weekend. I know my legs can do it; I need to get mentally focused.

On the topic of training, another deadline and event is clearly looming in the background. I'm 22 weeks away from Ironman Wisconsin. I am getting nervous. If it weren't for the next marathon and the need to keep up my distance, I'd be on week three of the training plan. My plan moving forward is CrossFit twice a week, running twice a week (one for distance, one for speed), cycling twice a week (indoor or outdoor) and swimming as much as possible. I'd like to do more computrainer rides, but the place I prefer is an hour away. Annoying ...

I'm well aware one cannot complete an Ironman on base fitness alone. But I also need to keep in mind most people don't run two marathons before an Ironman. Once I've wrapped up my second attempt at a sub-four marathon, I'll switch over to the training plan for Ironman and hope I haven't lost out on so much training time that I'm hopeless.


Losing Lindy said...

You will be awesome! I am so proud of you.

Last week, I had a horrible run, and then the next day, realized Aunt Flo showed up...that is a killer for me

CabotRD said...

Kelly... We're all confident that you'll rock the Vermont City Marathon! Sorry the Circular didn't go as you planned... but as you say, onward and upward :) Can't wait to meet you. ~Regan

Unknown said...

We all have bad days… chalk it up and move on to absolutely rock the next one! :) I can't imagine running two marathons before an IM! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your Ironman training yet. Last year was my first try at it, I did a spring marathon, and THEN began to focus on the Ironman training. In a sense, I did go off of base fitness for Ironman.I mean, I swam/biked/ran, but I didn't follow a structured training plan. I just made sure to log a lot of miles/yards and get rest/recovery in there too. You'll find a good balance.
If you need any help/advice with training for it, hit me up! I'm all ears!