Kelly the Culinarian: Potbelly's FLATS First Taste Preview Party

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Potbelly's FLATS First Taste Preview Party

Mmm, sandwiches. Rachael joined me downtown last night for a sandwiches and secret swapping at Potbelly. The chain invited me out to debut their FLATS line, which will hit the market May 6.

First, we enjoyed a frozen raspberry lemonade. These bad boys won't join the menu until June, which is a shame. They're delicious.

Next up, we heard about how the multi grain FLATS were several years in the making as Potbelly looks to add healthier options to its repertoire. You can order any sandwich on a flatbread and save 90 calories. We tried them all - the wrecked, Mediterranean, chicken and cheese, turkey and Italian. My favorite was the wrecked - it was quite tasty.
 There was even live music! Rachael and I had a great time catching up and tasting treats.

The parting gifts were also quite memorable. Gimme those cookies!

Thanks for the invite and dinner, Potbelly! If you want to join in one of the FLATS First Taste shin digs, RSVP here.


Maggie W said...

Haha, now I want a Wreck for lunch. It's my fave from Potbelly.

Losing Lindy said...

those are my fav cookies ever..please figure out how I can recreate them! Wait maybe not..oh yes please!

Joanne said...

What a fun foodie preview! Those flats sound super!