Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Tech Troubles, Trainer Tantrums

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Training Tuesday: Tech Troubles, Trainer Tantrums

This has been an eventful week, don't you think? Big secrets were revealed, miles were traveled and many more miles were trained through. I've been fairly consistent with two training sessions per day five days per week. It takes a lot of laundry (have you entered my WIN Detergent giveaway yet?), coordination and planning, but I feel like I'm settling into Ironman training while still maintaining the miles to run the Vermont Marathon. Which is 26 days away. No pressure ....

Because I make questionable life decisions and was busy last week, I ended up running 30 miles in the span of 24 hours. It panned out better than I ever thought - 10 miles at 8:12 at Waterfall Glen, then 20 waterfront miles in Seattle the next day to make sure I got in one last massive run before Vermont. My pace said 8:37 and I experienced every possible climate. It poured for the first 5k, then the sun came out, then it rained again. I also skipped lunch and had a Luna fiber bar right before running instead ... then proceeded not to fuel at all besides water. On paper, this should have been a disaster. In real life, it was actually electrifying.
Until I looked at the GPS. Why are these miles so wonky?
I then proceeded to not train for three days. I needed the rest after all the running, and apartment shopping is strangely exhausting. Because we didn't rent a car and I will be car-less in Seattle, we walked an obscene amount and I was actually kind of sore when we got home. My MisFit Shine tells the tale:
Earning all that oatmeal stout
Monday started with a swim workout from the training book I'm only loosely following - my focus is PRing at the Vermont Marathon, so when time is short, I go for running every time. This is evidently a recovery workout in IMWI training, so no wonder this workout seemed easy.
So I'm supposed to read this AND follow the workouts inside?
The evening workout was another bike session with Alyssa. It's lovely to set up our bikes in my now-empty basement (yay moving decluttering), but if we have to sit in front of that television screen for another week, I might go batty. It did give me an opportunity to test out the fancy new bike shorts I acquired, which are excellent. With a tri bike, you can't really skimp and buy the cheap shorts. I bought them on clearance, so I didn't have a color choice, but I really need to stop buying tri apparel that matches my bathroom. It won't be my bathroom for much longer anyways, but apparently I LOVE pool blue ... all of my tri suits and now cycling apparel demonstrate.
What $5K of bikes look like in my basement

I need a blue intervention
Anyone else buy the same colors over and over again?


Maggie W said...

My Garmin maps generally looks like that when running in downtown Chicago (generally during races).

I feel like I own a lot of purple.

I totally agree that apartment hunting is exhaustion. Sometimes I think you end up signing for a place moreso so it'll be OVER.

Losing Lindy said...

you are a machine...

CabotRD said...

I own a ton of orange, if it makes you feel any better :)

Love the bike stands. I've never seen those before (shows what a non-biker I am). Hoping you get to get out on the road soon, though :(

Unknown said...

When you said wonky I didn't understand the full extent of wonky.

It's pretty cool that you can run on water though.

Amanda said...

My cheapy $200 road bike pales in comparison. And I wish I was skinnier so tri suits look that good on me! Not sure what the heck I'm doing for my tri yet but it's only a sprint so it won't be too bad.