Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. I got myself all gussied up last weekend to go to a wedding. Tim and I had a blast. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or flattered that my bathroom selfie is now the most popular thing I've ever post on social media. Ever. Either way, methinks I need to dress up more often.

 2. When I did my Ask Me Anything post, Erin asked me about Facebook engagement, and Lindy asked me what the heck it is I do all day. In case you're curious, I work in social media and public relations for an integrated marketing agency. Erin actually came out to my presentation last week for #Ms.Tech, a group of female entrepreneurs and tech gurus, about social media marketing for event promotion. Another blogger wrote a nice blog post about my presentation, and I'll be conducting a two-part series on Twitter and LinkedIn later this month. This podcast is a preview of that series, and if you'd like to join it, you can save 10 percent on the sessions using code Kelly10.
I also get to meet celebrities for my job, like this giant oreo
3. Another job that I do is write for AquaGear in exchange for product credit. I finally cashed in a few of these to get the Triclops transition bag. I've never had a backpack that comes with an instruction manual, but this is well warranted. It has a pocket for everything! I'm working on a review to share soon.


Unknown said...

Lookin' mighty fine in that little black number! The pop of red is perfection with your haircut as well :) Sorry, I had to pop in and let you know!


Losing Lindy said... sorry if I came across regarding how you use all of your knowledge and perform so well.

You look amazing, so sorry I couldn't come over, currently under a hospital survey (happens every 3 years unannounced)