Kelly the Culinarian: 6 Essential Items for Cold Weather Cycling

Sunday, April 6, 2014

6 Essential Items for Cold Weather Cycling

Yesterday, I took my lovely Cannondale Slice 5 out for her maiden voyage. Tim decided to run Busse Woods, which is an eight-mile loop, and I thought I'd do a few with the tri bike for good measure.

I ended up completing 22 miles and love my new bike. That said, I need a few adjustments, which I'm sure I'll make shortly. In the meantime, William asked via Facebook how I managed to not freeze to death on this ride. Here are a few pieces of gear I've snagged to help extend the cycling season.

From the top: Start with a lightweight skull cap for under your helmet. You want one that covers your ears and doesn't affect the fit of your helmet. Yes, you'll look like a penis when you put it on. But you'll have your helmet over it, so a snug fit is essential.

Next, wool socks. Yes, there are cycling-specific wool socks. My mom bought me wool socks for Christmas and they are more than sufficient.

Moving down, sports glasses are great for winter activities. They don't fog up and allow you to cover more of your face.

Full-fingered gloves are also great. You need them to keep your hands warm and want them to be tight so you can still shift effectively. My favorite pair have leather fingertips, which make it easier to use the gears.

The black socks over my cycling shoes are booties. They make a huge difference in keeping your toes toasty.

Finally, look for longer cycling pants. I bought these capris at the Pearl Izumi outlet, but if that's not in your budget or interest, wear regular shorts under some running tights or other well-fitting athletic pant. You want to ensure it's tight so that it doesn't get caught in the gears.

Any other gear essentials for cold-weather cycling? 

I wish I'd worn a neck covering, but after one lap, I was just peachy keen.


Candace Karu said...

Spring cycling can be a lot colder than you think. Thanks for these suggestions!

Candace Karu said...

Spring cycling can be colder than you think. Thanks for these suggestions!

Break-Away said...

Hey Kelly, yesterday was my road bike's maiden voyage as well. It was also my hubbie's first time riding with my cycling group. Together, we both looked under dressed compared to the other riders, but we were in Burr Ridge,IL and started 9am. We were actually perfect for the temp. But I also agree with your list of essentials. Keep riding.

Nicole Kesten said...

love the new bike. i do love a good neck warmer. i get them on sale from lulu and they can double for an ear warmer too