Kelly the Culinarian: Cupcakes Under the Influence by Social Power Hour

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cupcakes Under the Influence by Social Power Hour

What a fun event! Ashley from Social Power Hour invited Katie and I to check out her event, Cupcakes Under the Influence. I don't go to networking events nearly as much as I should. I mean, I love a great Yelp party, and that's essentially the same thing, so I'm all for it.

Katie picked me up from working downtown and we had Whole Foods hot bar for dinner. Along with no less than eight pieces of cheese. Because that's what one does at Whole Foods.

We rolled into Vertigo Sky Lounge ready to get our networking/cupcake on. First though, check this place out. I don't really "party" and was in total awe of the view at this place.

It was sponsored by Deep Eddy VodkaSolerno Liqueur and Cakes Under the Influence and I had a hard time deciding if drinks or dessert would be first that evening. So we started with beverages - the Texas mule was my favorite.

Next up, we took our beverages out to the patio to enjoy the view and the roaring fire. Katie and I caught up on life and work and working out and such while wishing we had marshmallows.

What we did have, however, were cupcakes. Lots of booze-infused cupcakes. We spoke to Ken, the owner of Cakes Under the Influence, and learned more about his products and approach. We tried a bunch of interesting combinations, like cranberry cacao, mimosa, dreamsicle and banana Irish cream mousse.
I think we both agreed the creamiscle was the best thing on the table.

We had a blast trying new beverages and bites, as well as meeting potential contacts. It was a bit like what I imagine speed dating would be like, except in a business setting. I gave away a ton of cards and thought it was well worth my time. Thanks to Social Power Hour for the invite!


Unknown said...

This sounds like an amazing event!!

Maggie W said...

Mmm that Texas Mule sounds tasty! Grapefruit, ginger and lime?? Three of my favorite flavors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming Kelly! The Texas Mule was my favorite too!

Losing Lindy said...

looks like so much fun!

Valerie said...

Holy cow...those treats look AMAZING! What was your fave?

KellytheCulinarian said...

The dreamsicle was ah-mazing. Loved it.