Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Tips for Tackling the Circular Logic Marathon

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Training Tuesday: Tips for Tackling the Circular Logic Marathon

Hi readers! I'm getting ready to head downtown for a top-secret super awesome event that I've had the hardest time keeping to myself. Tune in tomorrow, because this one is a doozy. Let's just say I'm feeling like kind of a big deal today.

Anyhow, in the wake of the Circular Logic Marathon, I remember Brent say "Tips and tricks, that's what we need here KJ!" in reference to all the veterans on-site who clearly knew what they were doing at Circular Logic. As a result, I've compiled all of the "why didn't I think of that?!" moments from Saturday to assist future circle runners in the task. Here's what we did, and what I wish we would have done.

White board signs - Your spectators don't need a fancy sign. Just bring a white board. Then they'll have 26 opportunities to flash and witty and motivational slogan as you jog past.

It's like camping ... with running - The smartest thing I saw on-site was the spectator village in which people set up pop-up tents fortified with tarps, then placed propane-powered heaters in dog cages and hung out in lawn chairs with blankets. These people knew what's up.

Pit stop - You're more than welcome to set up your own card table with gels, candy, water, etc. Take advantage of this perk.

Water bottles - There are no cups on this course. Bring one more water bottle than
Custom bibs
you think you'll need. I went with three - one small handheld for water, one bottle for Gatorade and one no-fill bottle for Perpetuem. And no need to bring the massive bottles, you're just going to sip along the way anyhow.

Nutrition - There were snacks at the end of the race, but you really need your own sports nutrition for during the race. I'd also suggest bringing whatever snacks you crave after a long run. In better weather, it would have been lovely to sit out at the park and watch the other runners go by.

Lap counter/watch - The timing mat went out at one point. Just for your own sanity, either wear a GPS watch or count your laps. Better yet, have your friends with the nifty white board count down how many laps you have left (because "4 more laps" sounds a hell of a lot better than "You're at mile 22!").

The layering at the beginning of the race
when we were freezing
Toilet paper - Gross, but true. The toilet paper at these port-o-potties was less than one ply. It was ick. Bring your own, for real.

Layer, layer - If you set up your own table, you're going to pass it 26 times. Plenty of opportunities to shed clothes as needed. No need for crappy throw-away gloves and clothes. Go with the real stuff and remove as needed.

Custom bibs - The bib on your back is customized with whatever you want. You can choose your name, a nickname or something witty/meaningful. Pick wisely as your closes circular crazies will be staring at it all.the.time.

Relay ready - This is the beauty of this marathon. You want to run a half instead? Find someone to split it with and you're a relay team. Want to run eight? Find some runners and figure out how to split the distance. It's a great project for a running club or team because you choose who runs how much and when. You could leap frog it or take your miles in chunks. The choice is yours!

Questions about the Circular Logic Marathon? E-mail me.

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