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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Remember when I met Hungry Girl? Well they had a little social media contest on site to reward the person with the most interaction on their photos and posts. I won and my super stellar prize pack arrived this week. I'm especially excited about these recipes cards - it's a deck of healthy swaps to junk food favorites. I'm always up for a cooking challenge, so this will be fun.

2. Alyssa and I did two indoor training sessions this week. We dressed alike for both of them. I was coming down the stairs and she said "Why are you wearing green? Really?!" We either need to a) diversify our wardrobes or b) get out of each others' heads. My theory is that the selection of athletic and tri apparel is so limited we just end up with a lot of the same stuff.

3. I want it noted that for as much as people lament that it rains all the time in Seattle, the weather in Chicago this week is infinitely worse than what we had in Jet City last weekend. It has rained every single day this week, ruining my plans for taking Suzie Slice to the great outdoors. Suck it, Chicago.
Seattle dreaming

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Katie @ Live Half Full said...

That picture of you in Seattle is adorable! Looks meant to be! :)