Kelly the Culinarian: Preview Party at Craft Pizza Chicago

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Preview Party at Craft Pizza Chicago

I really love being a blogger. It opens to door to so many cool, unique opportunities that I'm lucky to participate in. I got an invite to visit Craft Pizza Chicago tonight in advance of their grand opening through my membership with the Chicago Food Bloggers. While the food was free, the opinions are my own, as always.

We rolled into the Wicker Park eatery tonight and met with the chef and owner, Scott. He told us about the menu and his approach. This is his second pizza venture and features a menu packed with his favorite custom pies from around the country, all with a gourmet and local twist. When the joint opens next week, it will feature bagels and high-end coffee from Sparrow Coffee.
Scott told us about his favorite pies and then took to the kitchen to start rolling them out.
 I was really psyched to get to tasting, especially this little number. One of my favorite books as a pizza? Yes, please.

And eat we did. All the pizzas. The devil in the white city, the white truffle pie.
 And my favorite, the amore, which was a standard cheese, basil and red sauce pizza with your choice of meat. The crust was crackly and chewy, and the red sauce was a great balance of sweet and acid.

 Thanks again, Craft Pizza, for a wonderful evening! Good luck on your grand opening June 3.


Unknown said...

The pizza looks amazingly delicious! Great option for carb loading :)Next time I'm in Chicago, I will stop on by!

Anonymous said...

OMG - lucky! I would happily share that pizza you highlighted, except without the red onions - ew.

Did they explain anything about the dough? Do they let it rise in the fridge 24+ hours?

I am a pizza whore - I have a copy cat recipe for Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza if you like deep dish - so good!

Enjoy our awesome weather today!