Kelly the Culinarian: Open Water Ready

Friday, May 30, 2014

Open Water Ready

I'd like to think I'm a decent swimmer. If I was thrown into the ocean, I would fare better than Jack on the Titanic. However, I swim alone, for the most part, in a heated indoor pool at a health club. That all doesn't really count when it comes to triathlon.

For the uninitiated, triathlon swimming is a whole other ballgame. There are elbows and knees and grabs and pulls and rolls. It's filled with thrashing so severe my mother won't come down to the beach for a mass swim start.

Since most of my laps are logged in a pool, I met up with TriRight last night to make sure I still have the chops for triathlon swimming in preparation of Esprit de She, which is June 8. There's still time to register using code EDS16.

We hit Centennial Beach, which is a bit like a giant unfiltered pool. It's cold enough for a wetsuit, which I donned before ever trying out the water. Spoiler alert: wetsuit legal is still pretty hot. I stripped off the wetsuit after the warmup and decided I'd be faster in transition and swimming without it.
Honestly, this practice made me feel like a badass. Other than a bit of calf cramping, I rocked it. We practiced the mass start, drafting and sighting, all of which I don't get in the pool. Some parts were difficult, no doubt, but my wetsuit still fit this season, I didn't feel like I was dying and the drafting seemed to come a bit easier, too.

I am not a swimmer. I can tread water and all, but this practice made me feel ready to kill it next weekend. If you're unsure about your open water ability, I highly suggest setting aside Wednesday night to meet up with TriRight at Centennial Beach. It's only $3 to get into the pool and the practice with other swimmers is invaluable. I wish I could make it out there next week for another session of defensive swimming and triathlon strategy!


Losing Lindy said...

I am a terrible swimmer, V is better at running and swimming and soccer..:(

Joanne said...

Swimming is definitely the part of the triathlon that would be hard/impossible for me! I pretty much hyperventilate in water. But I'm so impressed by those who do it!

Melissa S. Gerber said...

Kelly, just catching up on your posts now. I'm also doing the EDS this weekend (wish I would have known about your code sooner!). Wondering what type (if any) of wet suit you're planning on using. Any idea what the water temp will be? Guess I'll find out Saturday!

KellytheCulinarian said...

It is a wetsuit legal race typically. I have a HUUB triathlon wetsuit that I wore for half of the practice, then decided I didn't need it. The water was initially pretty chilly, but I warmed up nicely after half a lap. I think I'll lose more time getting out of it than I'll gain by wearing the wetsuit. Good luck!