Kelly the Culinarian: A Good Luck Kiss for the Vermont Marathon

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Good Luck Kiss for the Vermont Marathon

Whoa, how did it suddenly become one day out from my marathon? It feels like forever ago I was dancing around at home like an idiot because I was so excited I made the cut for the Cabot Fit Team. And now, I'm reveling in the most amazing day I enjoyed in Vermont as a lead up to the Vermont City Marathon. I started the day with a slow jog with Deanna and Carissa (three miles at a 9:57 pace to shake out our legs).
Vermont City Marathon
I got myself looking Blogger Fresh (because I knew there'd be no less than 400 photos of myself taken this today) and took to my plaid-clad swagger wagon chariot. I love my Extra Sharp shirt, which I also donned for the Lincoln Park St. Paddy's Day 5K this spring.
Cabot Creamery Coop
Our first stop for the day was Percy Farms in Stowe, Vermont, where we learned all about raising and milking cows, along with the process of collecting, storing and transporting milk. This place had the most amazingly lush view.
Stowe Vermont
My main objective for this trip (beyond running a marathon), was to pet a cow. The cows had other plans. I got up close and personal with a Cabot cow who wanted to give me a good-luck kiss for the marathon tomorrow. I'll take anything I can get at this point.
The outtakes:

We also got to meet some freshly born calves and their moms.
 We also stopped at the Von Trapp Family Lodge for a little photo op with the team. I'm very glad I brought my Blogger Fresh to this day's activities.
We had a lovely lunch at Cold Hollow Cider Mill, too. An apple cider donut is just the kind of carbs I need pre-race, right? Along with this apple, bacon and cheddar panini (I hope I don't regret my decisions later, but that donut was worth it).
Of course, we had to stop at the Cabot Annex, which was basically a cheese lover's haven. It was a collection of every Cabot product you could ever want with a tasting bar and fantastic Vermont products thrown in for variety. I got kind of jealous of Vermonters walking around that store because we can't get nearly the selection of Cabot products back at home. Whipped cream? Butterscotch pudding? Cottage cheese? I'll fill out the paperwork to move here now, thanks.
While I would have loved to explore downtown Burlington and get my shopping and eating on, I forced myself to spend the afternoon in my hotel room chilling out, napping and thinking about the race. Tomorrow, I'm taking a second attempt at a sub-four marathon. 

At Circular Logic, I could feel in the sixth mile it wasn't going to be my day. Tomorrow, I won't have that feeling. It's going to be a perfect day, weather and stomach wise. I'm starting the race with Carissa, who will be running a 1:55 half. I'll continue on with the four-hour pace group until the 20-mile mark. At that time, I'll take off if I can muster it. Kristina and I are the only ones running the full marathon, so my motivation is to get to the finish line because they'll be waiting on me. 

Oh, and Heady Topper and maple creemees. My plan is to walk from the finish line to get my creemee, then enjoy it and a beverage with my legs propped up and iced, staring at Lake Champlain from the hotel terrace. Track me live tomorrow, or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Otherwise, see you on the other side of 26.2 miles.


Carissa and Kyle said...

You are so so #BloggerFresh! Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Pete B said...

Good luck. Vermont is awesome!

Maggie W said...

Good luck! Did you know there are still some Von Trapps out there singing? The grandkids of one of the Von Trapp kids. I saw them when they were in Chicago with Pink Martini, they are delightful.

Good luck tomorrow!

Losing Lindy said...

Good luck today!

Regan Jones, RDN said...

Yep. #WhatCarissaSaid

Good luck today!!! See you in a few :)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Someone in the group said the older Von Trapps used to go to their church and wore the full garb every week. Also, the Von Trapps here make beer now.

Kim said...

Have a great race!

Unknown said...

I hope you actually milked a cow. I want a full report.