Kelly the Culinarian: Mother's Day 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day! It's a gorgeous day in Chicago, but that's not where my heart is today. My mom is many miles away in her new home, so I'm celebrating with her from afar. I miss my mom terribly, but she's everywhere in my house. My jewelry box, for one, where I retrieve my wedding ring every morning:
A cool gift my mom gives us every year for Christmas are these boxes:
My sisters and I all have a matching set at home. Inside are our childhood memories, like drawings, report cards, pictures, notes and mementos. I really need to write a whole separate post about these boxes - they're easily the best gift I've ever gotten and some of my most prized possessions. A few items in my memory hope chests:
Cards from my birth
Earrings I made with my mom
I loved this lunchbox so much. I remember it was a big deal when I went to see this movie. My parents thought it was too weird for me at that age.
Our very first family photo!

My parents on their wedding day with my grandma Doan, who lived to age 103.
I'm on the right in a dress I wore as a flower girl. I can't remember the specifics of this portrait, but I remember I was a sassy, mouthy snot that day and did not want to smile at. all.
Note from my mom
Thanks, mom, for being such a rockstar and putting up with me for the last three decades. I appreciate your love and support through the years and I wish we were together to celebrate your special day!


Losing Lindy said...

nice places to find your mom's thoughts

CabotRD said...

Hope you had a wonderful day with lots of good memories... distance or not, still always a good day to think about those we love :)