Kelly the Culinarian: What I'm Packing for Vermont with #CabotFit

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I'm Packing for Vermont with #CabotFit

I'm still in denial that I'm running a marathon Sunday, but I've come to accept I'm getting on a plane incredibly early Friday morning to fly to Vermont. So I've at least started packing (because this is happening!). My perfectly honed gym bag helps immensely - because I get ready for work at the gym more often than not, everything I need every day is already packed up. In addition to my travel toiletries and tools in my gym bag, here's what I'm taking with:

Travel outfit (yes, I'm re-wearing it for the flight back):
Cardigan, comfy shoes, maxi dress, jewelry
In flight accouterments:
Magazines, water bottle, phone charger, headphones, snacks (laptop going in last)
Outfit for Saturday's outings:

Shorts, chambray shirt, tank, jewelry
Comfies for the hotel and post race:

Shorts, socks, sports bra, T-shirt and sweatshirt
Gulp ... race gear

Shoes, two short options, fuel, Yelp sunglasses, Garmin watch,
socks, La Isla bra, body glide, lucky 70.3 Ironman Racine hat
 Post-race necessities:
Compression shorts, compression socks
I also threw in a few plastic bags to use for packing up dirty clothes and in case I need to grab a bag of ice post race, along with sunscreen.

What am I missing? What do you never leave home without?


Losing Lindy said...

did I miss your watch? Knock them down!

Unknown said...

Race shirt?

Unknown said...

Pj's. I feel they may be important. Just maybe.... :)
I can't wait to meet you! I'm super excited too! (And totally in denial!) #FitFoodieRuns

Unknown said...

PJ's maybe? Totally up to you but I like to wear them. :)

Thank you for posting this, it gives me an outline!

I really look forward to meeting you. This is going to be a blast! #FitFoodieRuns

Amanda said...

Bandaids? Something to carry your fuel in?

Carissa and Kyle said...

haha -your packing seems so much simpler than mine! I agree about PJ's! haha! I'm just so afraid I'm going to freeze! Maybe rain gear?

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Agreed with Lauren- don't forget your shirt!

Maggie W said...

How are those Toms flats? Is the fit the same as the regular Toms (I go a half size down). Are they sturdy? I hate flimsy flats. Do they rub the backs of your heels at all??? I discovered that I can use my Discover Card cash back on their web site so I've been eyeing some flats.

Did you pack sunscreen?

I always pack more clean underwear than I expect. You just ... can never have enough. Also do you need throw-away clothes for before and warm clothes to gear check for after the race?

And I vote no PJ's, haha. And no shirt. Which is why I mentioned sunscreen ;-)

Anonymous said...

Garmin/watch, maybe gloves (temp could be cold in Vermont), and a possible throwaway in case temps are chill at the start?
And yes, someone said jammies!

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, compression socks! Thanks for the reminder, lol!

KellytheCulinarian said...

These are the Toms ballet flats, Maggie, and they're awesome. So much more supportive than the standard model. They're my go-to casual shoe now. I want to get them in every color. They're not that resilient, but they don't rub or pinch anything, so that helps.