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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Solo Saturday

Tim was out of town today, so today was an epic me day filled with coffee, running and sister bonding. So I started the morning with a walk with my favorite yorkie.

I forgot to eat breakfast and only realized it when I was in my car about a mile away from the trailhead and decided to try a Perpetuem solid. Save yourself $4, I was not a fan. It tastes like the marshmallows from Lucky Charms.

I planned to run 13 miles. It didn't go as planned. I wasn't feeling great and the empty stomach made me nauseous. I doubled back and only did five miles, despite my impending marathon next weekend. I figure the training is done, no need to force something that isn't happening.

I also picked up the new running gear for my run club. I think this tank turned out pretty cute.

 In preparation of our move, I also stopped by the bank and closed my safety deposit box.
 And rewarded myself for being a good little adult with iced coffee.
 Before packing for my overnight trip to Purdue for Katie's graduation.
 Made lunch ... pretzel buns are the greatest thing ever.
 Opened up my new Influenster box.
 Had a leisurely beverage with the furball.
 Then dropped him off at my sister Mandy's house before road tripping the two hours to West Lafayette. I was here just two months ago for the Circular Logic Marathon.
 We celebrated Katie's impending graduation.
 With sushi!
 And cake. Always cake.
 And some delicious brews from The Pint.
And now, I've returned to my natural state of sweatpants, glasses and couch time. We'll be heading to bed soon at Katie's apartment because tomorrow is a big day - my baby sister is graduating from college! Where the hell does the time go?

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