Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. I have a long-standing interest in Tiny Houses. I don't know why. Perhaps it's the romanticized vision of shedding everything unimportant and living off the grid. However, this article made me spit my coffee out while perusing it. Highlight:

What about guests? Where do you put your guests? Can friends and family even visit you? Do you have friends and family? ANSWER ME! Are people now afraid of you?
“Honey, want to go visit Petal & Ralph out in their 250-square-foot house this weekend?”
“Are you shitting me? That place smells like a hot box of Mexican food farts.”
But look how cute!
2. Suzie Slice needs new tires for real and I can't make a decision. I'd like to get red tires, but then the price range for the things are anywhere from $15-100 PER TIRE. Wut? This is not a car. I don't understand. Do I really need expensive tires for my bike?
Suzie needs new shoes
3. I'm an avid Goodwill shopper and this week has been full of win! My favorite is probably this Ironman mug for 50 cents, but I also got a brand-new Banana Republic dress shirt for $2. The sign was $7 and the Misfit Shine was $35, still in box! I love thrifting.


Maggie W said...

The condo we rent is roughly 900 or so square feet, and it is hard to entertain. We can comfortably fit like one other couple in here if we want to have a dinner party. Any more than that and we have to start moving furniture and/or put a card table in front of the washer/dryer. HOWEVER, we love the location and the amenities and can't afford the bigger units in this building, so it's worth it. It has forced us to get rid of / not buy stuff we don't need.

Maggie W said...

However, you're right about the smell. It can get stinky in here really fast. I think changing the air filter more often would help, and we try not to let the trash sit too long.

Anonymous said...

SCORE on the mug!! Nice!