Kelly the Culinarian: What I Packed for #CabotFit

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What I Packed for #CabotFit

Hi friends! I'm spending a thoroughly enthralling afternoon at the Philadelphia airport. Trust me, it's incredibly engaging ....

My flight was canceled and I'm on standby, so here's how I spend my time. No regrets. Anyhow, here's what in the bag I'm so very glad I was able to carry on instead of check.

Travel outfit on my body presently - comfy black dress from my mom, the necklace I wear every day always and big ass earrings. And flipflops.

If I make it to Portland in time to attend the farm tours Friday, I've got shorts and several shirt options, along with unmentionables. I may have a blog but I still have my secrets.

Athletic/race apparel. I had hoped to run Friday morning and then again race day, but I guess we'll see. I'll be rocking my new Cabot-supplied Newton Fates and the awesome #cabotfit shirt this year, I've also got an iPod shuffle, my Garmin and a few headbands and hair ties.

Swim gear! Again, if I ever make it there, I hear that Maine is great for swimming. Our BnB is a block from the beach, so I brought athletic and lounge swimwear.

Lots of tech is required for a blogger trip, including an emergency recharger, a laptop, a multifacet plug and my kindle.  And comfies for the hotel room, of course.

Hope I'm not missing anything!

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