Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Peak Week

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Training Tuesday: Peak Week

What a fun training week! I had the day off Friday for Independence Day, so I headed up to Madison for a long training day. I started with a swim in Lake Monona, which was a hell of a lot different than race day. Without buoys and early morning on a holiday weekend felt entirely different. I wanted to do two miles, so I swam from the swim start at the water ski jump towards the bridge, then swam left along the shore before turning back. What I didn't anticipate was the fact that you could hear the boats underwater, but didn't always know where it was coming from. I was already freaked out about the possibility of a distracted boater running me over, but then hearing the engines from afar made it even worse.

So that sucked.

After that, I planned to bike. But I forgot sunscreen and had to get that, and it was time for second breakfast and I waited until Machinery Row Bicycles opened to get a few more essentials. Basically, it was the longest T1 ever.

When I finally set off from Monona Terrace for my ride, I realized how sucky biking the stick out to the loop was when regular traffic was still making its way through Madison. It took me an hour just to get to the loop, and there were some hills and hazards in there that were not fun.  Also, apparently it was Be an Asshole to Cyclist Day, as I got honked at twice. Once, in Mt. Horeb, the guy actually pulled over to yell at me some more while I passed. Such a pleasant human, I'm sure.

Also, thank goodness a few men of the Marquette University tri team were out biking the course, too. When I made it to Garfoot, I was super confused as there was gravel at the start of a rather hilly portion of the course. The guys happened to be driving by as I stood staring at my phone, utterly perplexed, and assured me it was part of the course.

When all was said and done, I biked 75 miles before destroying a delicious dinner at The Old Fashioned and slept very, very soundly.

To continue this Tour de Training, on Sunday, I got up super early to run 14 miles. It went OK - it was super humid so my pace was crappy, and I also had to stop at 11 for a refill and a bathroom break. But hell, miles are miles, and any day I can get them in a good one.

This weekend, I have a 60-mile bike to run workout, and I hope to get in one more big swim. The countdown is on to the Door County 70.3, so here's to getting my act together for the big dance.


Anonymous said...

That stupid gravel on Garfoot! I was too nervous and walked my bike down it last weekend. Not worth the risk of wiping out!
Sorry you encountered those nasty people on the bike. You'd think people around here would be used to it!

KellytheCulinarian said...

Exactly! It's not like I'm the first cyclist they've ever seen. Especially the guy in Mt. Horeb, come on y'all. Plus, Ironman and the accompanying year-round training and triathletes are a huge win for the economy up there. Sorry if me bringing my bike and money up to your town is an inconvenience ...