Kelly the Culinarian: Brunch at Seasons 52

Monday, March 28, 2016

Brunch at Seasons 52

Two of my favorite things have finally collided: Seasons 52 and drinking before noon. I mean brunch. Seasons 52 now serves brunch!

I managed to get downtown to try this fabulous mix of all my favorite foods and catch up with the lovely Alyssa over beverages and super tasty breakfast food. I started with coffee, because everything before noon should. But because it's brunch, I also got a white peach bellini, which was a magnificent choice.

Next up was appetizers. In my clear favorite of the day, Alyssa and I split the smoked salmon flatbread that featured all my favorite lox flavors, all on a crunchy crispy flatbread. It had capers, red onions and a sour cream drizzle. Next time I'll skip the main course and go straight to this, sans sharing.

For my entree, I chose the vegetable frittata, which came with a delightful side of sriracha hollandaise sauce and perfectly done asparagus. And I always love entrees that come with a side of both bacon and toast. Not just any white bread toast, either. Plus, the jam was homemade and raspberry. I didn't think I could polish off the whole, and yet, I did. It was a perfect, relatively healthy start to the day.

Which meant I totally earned this dessert, right? I love the shot glass desserts at Seasons 52 because they pack in tons of flavor without all the sugar, fat and calories. At the end of a satisfying meal, a few bites of decadence really go a long way. And more coffee!

Thanks to Seasons 52 for hosting me for this fabulous brunch!

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That appetizer looks amazing!!