Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Feeling Fine

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Training Tuesday: Feeling Fine

All necessary post 18 miles
Ah, another week in the books. And admittedly, I feel really good. I had a really pleasant 18-mile run Saturday that made me think I could actually cobble together a marathon in a few weeks. It wasn't fast, it was just the feeling that I could keep going. The weather was good and some kind folks at a landscape store let me refill my bottles so life was good.

I even commented the next day that I thought I could go for another run. I slept like a rock that night, and I'm guessing that's why I felt like a million bucks. I ran five miles on the treadmill Monday, then got my first massage in close to two years. It reminded me that I need more massages in my life. There's something very gratifying about working out knots that you put there from running and basically pushing yourself to the limit. It must have worked, because my eight-mile treadmill run today was basically a non-event. I yearn for the days when an eight-miler was no big deal. It will happen this summer, eventually.

Right now, I'm focused on getting to the start line of Circular Logic on April 2. After that, I'll ramp up the cycling drastically and see how quickly I can get to a century ride. I've long loved coordinated cycling and look forward to getting back on the road.

On to the next!

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Pete B said...

Good luck with the Circular training!