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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dial Up Your Pacemaker, G

Last night was super fab: My Lions club held its annual wine tasting event. Oh, you thought Lions clubs were just for old white dudes? Nope, not so much:

My favorite lyrics? "You got a dry turkey sandwich? I'll mayonaise you!"

Anyhow, the wine tasting went very well. We had three stations with different types of wine and a central area with a generous amount of appetizers. I had mini apple pies, chicken skewers, aprict teriyaki meatballs, grilled vegetables and all sorts of yummies. I also found a new favorite wine: Dr. H reisling. It's a sweet, fruity wine that has a very refreshing end note with a citrus aftertaste. But my palate also super enjoys Taco Bell, so take my critique as you may.

The club brought in a good amount of money (final count to be determined) ticket and wine sales, plus our silent auction and raffles. We'll be reinvesting that money into the community in the form of supporting a food bank, a Leo club (like Lions for kids) made of of visually impaired high school students and sponsoring families for the holidays.

With all that imbibing and appetizer consuming, I had a lot of calories to burn this morning. I left for free yoga early today and went on a run that was just a little more than five miles. I was able to knock it out at my goal race pace of 9 minute miles. Speaking of which, the info e-mail for the JAM Active Big Hit Half Marathon went out this morning. EEEEK.

I hit the free, super tough yoga, then came home for snacks, a shower and cleaning.

I'm super psyched for this afternoon - Tim is taking my shopping in honor of my birthday! I'm excited to spend time together and get a few new things. There's also a dinner in the works, but I'm holding off on that until after the race.

Time to go stimulate the economy!

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