Kelly the Culinarian: A Lovely Day for a Last Long Run

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Lovely Day for a Last Long Run

It's gorgeous outside today: 65ish degrees, clear skies and a nice breeze. I set out for one last long run. All was well, but I got to just short of five miles and stopped to take off my jacket because it was so nice and toasty outside. I don't know what the hell happened, but I think I tweaked my knee in the process (only I could manage this). When I went to start again, my leg hurt bad enough that I cried. I also lost my beloved Clif mocha shot somewhere in the process. Instead of a long run, I ended up with a miserable three-mile walk back home. Sad.

What isn't sad are the deals I got yesterday. Tim said he wanted to spend around $100 on our birthday shopping trip. I love the thrill finding an awesome deal, so we hit the outlets and for
$100, I got three bras (in the bag), a pair of shoes (that are being shipped to me), sunglasses from Fossil, and two complete work outfits from Banana Republic. Unfortunately, that trip involved waiting in lines longer than it took to actually shop for the two tops, dress pants and skirt I ended up with. I had the last laugh with my awesome deals.

In addition to being a lovely day, today marks the three-year anniversary of closing on this house. In those three years, we got married, got a dog, both changed jobs and Tim started a new degree. Funny what three years brings. I remember the closing day: they couldn't figure out how much we were supposed to bring to closing, so we were waiting at a Dominick's until 15 minutes before the closing so we could get a check from chase for the right amount.
We then came back to the house and started cleaning and painting. We painted the kitchen a yellow called Oak Cask and the master bathroom Blue Pool. My sister steamed the carpets while we chiseled greasy nastiness off the cabinets.

We celebrated the anniversary by trying to fix and electrical issue in the kitchen. We are not electricians, therefore, it is still broken. For some reason, all of the outlets that don't have the built-in tester things aren't working. Tim replaced the outlets and fiddled with the fuse box, so I'll be calling in a professional.

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