Kelly the Culinarian: Get Thee (and me) to an Aldi!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Thee (and me) to an Aldi!

I usually throw out the grocery ads without looking at them, but I happened to notice an Aldi at this week. I heart Aldi. I have had two laptops from Aldi and have been eating products from Aldi for at least 15 years, maybe more. I swear this week's ad was made just for me:
I could, and might, buy everything on this front page. There's pumpkin coffee and prepared pumpkin lattes. And pumpkin ice cream! I should have thought of this first. I see apple cider, cheap pumpkins and apples and pears on sale.
What to do with these sale items?

And then I will run a million miles so I can eat this all. Time to make room in the veggie crisper drawer ...

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Kim said...

I love love love ALDI too! We buy as many groceries there as possible. I have never bought electronics there though! I hope you make all those yummy things. And run a million miles like you said, lol :)