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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now Accepting All Advice

As I'm sure I've mentioned a million times, I'm simultaneously excited and terrified about my first half marathon on Sunday. At this point, I'm looking for any tips, ideas or tricks to get through this race without getting hurt, puking or otherwise embarrassing myself in front of strangers. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, feel free to send positive thoughts my way or light a candle for me. I need all the help I can get.
In the meantime, I've cut myself off from dairy, pop and junk food. I've made drinking water and green tea a full-time job and have focused on protein since my meeting with the exercise physiologist. I'm starting to pack for our adventure to Kentucky and I'm trying to remember that I've done the work, my body has the ability, my mind just needs to have the endurance to finish this strong.


Maggie W said...

DON'T DO ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. If you normally have a little black coffee with toast & peanut butter before your long runs, do that before the race. (At least, that's my pre-long run breakfast.) You've already started hydrating, but if you can, wake up an hour or so early on race day, drink a big glass of water, and go back to bed. Bring with whatever fuel you've been using (that chocolate frosting you've mentioned) and fuel as you normally fuel on long runs.

Also, the best advice I've heard for longer races: run the first half with your head and the second half with your heart. Meaning, start slow. DON'T GO OUT TOO FAST. If you run with a heart rate monitor, keep it on the low end of your target heart rate. Once you hit the halfway point, listen to your body (and your heart rate).

And, this is the first time you've raced this distance. Don't focus on a goal finish time. Don't even set a goal finish time (might be too late for that). Your goal anytime you run a new distance (that is longer than you've ever raced) should be just to finish. You can worry about goal times at your second (third, fourth, etc) half marathon. But for this one, just enjoy yourself and focus on finishing.

GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! You'll do fine. This is only 1.6 miles longer than Fort2Base. That's nothing.

Kim said...

Wow. I really disagreed with a lot of comments from your FB friends, but it seemed like they are runners too? Strange!

I agree more with Maggie :)

And seriously, eat before (you probably have been already before long runs?) and drink water before getting thirsty.

And the best tip - don't start out too fast!

Smile and have fun! Good luck!