Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Let's look at my insides

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Training Tuesday: Let's look at my insides

Even though I pulled off a super awesome age group win at the Karhu 5K last weekend, my foot issue still persists. Yesterday, I headed to a chiropractor for xrays and an exam. I got the results back today and there's some crazy stuff going on with my spine, apparently.
My neck bends 148 percent the wrong way

Why hello, IUD, nice to see you're still in there
The chiro says my leg hurts because of uneven pressure on my joints from these out of whack alignments. My back/pelvis is skewed for sure, but the leg can be repaired in a few sessions. My neck is evidently cause for concern and could cause what the doc called "quality of life" issues later on, such as headaches and neurological problems.
I'm definitely going to follow through with getting my leg treated, because he's treating it with a combination of massage, heat, epsom salt soaks and physical therapy-type exercises. I'm down with that.

I'm undecided on if my neck concerns me that much.  I don't feel any symptoms, but I guess that's the point of preventative medicine. I guess I have some time to think about it while my leg is on the mend. Three cheers for insurance that pays for 60 chiropractic appointments per year!

In other active-related news, I finally got my participant medal from the Leaning Tower Tri. I heard they forgot to order the participant medals, so we didn't get them on race day. My incredibly patient husband went to pick it up after work (45 minutes out of his way), but they ran out. So they mailed me the medal when they came in, along with an extra shirt for my troubles. I thought that was a nice and unnecessary touch. Thanks, race coordinators! Here's another medal for my ego wall.


Xaarlin said...

Your neck is soooo long- or maybe its just the xray? :) But I dont notice it bending the wrong way?

Im interested to see if the Chiro appts help you. Then I might have to see one for my ailments.

Congrats again on your AG win!

OOH and I just noticed youre also running the Fox Valley Marathon. I just started my training for it this week :)

Spandex King said...

Your neck should concern you. All of the nerves that control your major bodily functions pass through this vertebrae. Fixing your spine now will save major issues down the road. When it hurts it's to late. Good luck.

KellytheCulinarian said...

@Xaarlin, it will be my first marathon and I'm super excited!

Erin said...

Finding the right chiropractor who you trust is apparently one of the harder things to do. I went to one for awhile but felt like he didn't understand athletes or even me for that matter. He claimed he wasn't a one-size-fits all guy but he totally was.

Anyway, I'm always one to try something for a bit and see if it helps. So, why not see what he can do?