Kelly the Culinarian: Worst run ever

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Worst run ever

I'm still dealing with jet lag and not sleeping soundly. Plus, I think the craptacular airplane food made me sick Thursday, but I was feeling fine Friday morning and thought I'd knock out the 14 miler on my schedule.

Worst decision ever.

First, I waited too long, hitting the road around 8 a.m. I also failed to recharge my phone and Garmin, which died a half mile short of home. The portion of the trail that I chose had a significant detour, which just threw off my mojo. I wasn't properly rested or hydrated, but thought I'd just shuffle through the miles. But I wore the T-shirt I won from Kim's blog, so at least I looked bad ass.

I ended up laying out on someone's driveway in hopes that a break would help. I eventually gave up on trying to keep pace and switched to survival mode, running and walking to get home. There was a downpour for the last mile, so I ended up a soaked, soggy mess.

I feel discouraged, but keep trying to remember that one bad run doesn't make a bad runner.

Just looking at me exhausted Napoleon, who claimed all of our couch pillows in the name of France. He looks so cute post groomer that I didn't have the heart to snatch back a few of the pillows to prop up my legs.

I hope my race Tuesday morning goes better. I signed up for, the I Run Because ___ 5K, a free race put together by Lululemon near my work. I hope they give away some gear, because I love their stuff but am too cheap to actually buy it (remember the $100 running top I lusted over? Didn't buy it). Any freebies will gladly join the free yoga mat I scored there last November.

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Kim said...

The top looks cute on you!

I bet it will take awhile to get back in to the swing of things, but that your next long run will be a lot better.