Kelly the Culinarian: Bike-muting fail

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bike-muting fail

Today, I set out to commute to and from work via bike. It's about 11 miles door to door, so it's not a difficult jaunt. I packed a bag yesterday with my toiletries, work clothes and food for the day, leaving most of what I needed at my desk.

I took my credit card, cell, ID and an emergency $20 bill and set off for work. Other than the random jerkface who thought owning a car means he owns the road, it was uneventful and I was at my desk, showered and dressed with time to spare.
The sky started to look quite ominous in the early afternoon. A coworker offered to drive me home, but I figured I'd be OK. And I would have been, if I didn't have a flat tire.

I had no way to fix the tire, so I called a coworker, who told me she was already home. Luckily, another coworker graciously agreed to go out of her way to take me, my bike and my stuff home. I refilled the tire and it's holding air, but I have it loaded into my car to go to the bike shop in case it does go flat overnight.

I am so annoyed by this all, especially because the storm I was initially afraid of never arrived.

So I consoled myself the way any crazy dog lady would: I finished off a jar of peanut butter by baking, then let Napoleon lick the jar. He's happy, it amused me and my mood is vastly improved. A classic win-win.

I tried two new recipes, which I'll be blogging about later. Baking makes me happy, but eating all this stuff won't, so it will be going to work tomorrow. We're in the midst of the August DietBet Challenge, so I need to get it together.

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