Kelly the Culinarian: Last long run done!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last long run done!

So glad today is over! I got up early to eat and get over to Half Day Road Forest Preserve with all my supplies for my last long run. For 20 miles, I needed a sweat-wicking hat, sunscreen, the Garmin, two packets of gel and my handheld water bottle packed with gummies.

I met up with Kim and Bobbi around 7 a.m.  Kim had 26 miles to complete today as she trains for a 50K race, and Bobbi had to knock out 12-14.  After a few miles, we picked up Gingerfoxxx and ran around Lake County to pick up 14ish.  My fastest mile was the last portion of this leg, where I practically sprinted to the bathroom. That's motivation for you.

This random dude came out of the woods and followed up around ... just kidding. That's Matt, he was a blast to run with.

After we dropped off Bobbi, Sara and Matt, Kim and I soldiered on. We ran back to her car and it promptly poured.  We were both sweaty, stinky and muddy, but we were starving. I have to say, this 20-mile run was so much easier than my last accidental 20 miler. I was scheduled to do 19 miles two weeks ago, but got turned around and accidentally added an extra mile.  Running with people and chatting made this so much easier.

When Kim and I were done, we took our nasty runner selves out for lunch to Noodles and Company, then sat as far away from everyone else as possible.  Noodles and salad have never tasted so good.  Thanks again, Kim, for lunch!

I showered at my parents house, did a little stuff around the house to help out, then headed home, where I now sit on the couch matching socks, eating a ton of food and watching trashy television.  I'm already contemplating how early I can go to bed and still sleep through the night ... 


Kim said...

It was so great running with you today! I too, am SO happy to have it done. And happy to have done it with you. Having buddies to run with makes it 1000x better!!!

And so happy you are home already and chilling :) I was so happy when I got home and saw that I DID NOT have to help with the car! I was just so tired :)

Can't wait to run with you again! And for Fox Valley!!!

Erin said...

Woo hoo! Nice job getting the run done despite the sketchy weather. Running with Kim definitely makes runs so much better, too :-)