Kelly the Culinarian: Fort2Base Fun Run in Elmhurst

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fort2Base Fun Run in Elmhurst

Man, those first five days after the weekend are the toughest.  Today was super chaotic, mostly because I've been trying to squeeze every ounce of activity out of the awesome weather we're having in Chicago. When I hit the pavement this morning, it was nicer outside than inside. I could almost see my breath on my five miler. The weather made everything so much easier and boosted my confidence.

Then tonight, I met up with one of the ambassadors for the Fort2Base Race, Jen. She let me crash her fun run at Fleet Feet Sports in Elmhurst. The group meets at a bar on Monday nights for a run at your pace, 2- or 4-mile run through scenic neighborhoods and a cute downtown. I brought all kinds of prizes from our sponsors, including Luna Bars, Clif Shot Blocks, promotional items from Cabot, coupons from Running Away Multisport and our super popular shirts from last year. They're the nicest shirts I've gotten from a race so far, so they've been big-ticket items at our giveaways.

Post run, the group of 20 or so runners stayed for drinks and food, which looked delicious, but I'm a week into the August DietBet challenge and not doing so great, so I declined. I had to get home to take out Napoleon on a walk instead.

I'm hitting the sack early tonight in hopes of knocking a 5-mile pace run out of the park tomorrow morning.


Pete B said...

The Fort2Base sounds like it will be a great race. Running through the Naval Station would be an experience.

Kim said...

I've heard of those group runs out of there before but never attended one. It would be fun! :)