Kelly the Culinarian: Second Fort2Base Fun Run

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Second Fort2Base Fun Run

What a busy couple of days! Last night, I packed up a cooler and snacks and headed down to Dick Pond Athletics in Carol Stream. This awesome running store is where I've gotten my last several pairs of shoes. They know their stuff, and the tiny store there is packed to the rafters with every running accessory you could possibly ever want.  They generously agreed to let me host their Wednesday night fun run for Fort2Base.

I set up my little table and made sure to have enough snacks for some hungry runners, thanks to our race sponsors. 
While I waited for them to get back from their run, I enjoyed the scenery. Dick Pond travels to a ton of races, so they have custom trucks parked out front. I really like hipster running truck: "We were running when running wasn't cool!" 

The shop also has a ton of gear, apparel and goodies for the Fox Valley Marathon. I can't believe how soon this race is happening. Where did the summer go?
When the runners got back, I talked a bit about the race and gave away some shirts and a race entry.  Steve, the winner, will be running our 10 Nautical Mile race with his wife, daughter and son. How sweet! 
 Thanks again, Dick Pond, for letting me crash your Wednesday night run!


Erin said...

FYI, if you need to do any more of these, contact the Competitive Foot in Oak Park (if that's not too far for you to travel for these). I bet they'd be happy to let you crash one of our Monday night runs!

Kim said...

Awesome! This looks so fun! Did you do the run too, or stay at your table?

KellytheCulinarian said...

I didn't do the run, it was a cross train day for my schedule.