Kelly the Culinarian: The stuff of nightmares

Friday, August 24, 2012

The stuff of nightmares

I had my first marathon-related nightmare this morning.  Just 23 days out and I'm cracking up.

During the dream, I couldn't find my corral (there aren't corrals at the Fox Valley Marathon, of course, but whatever). I looked down at my bib, which didn't give me any indication as to where to go. After catching up with my corral as it walked towards the start line, I realized my bib was pinned to a down jacket. And I had a gym bag slung across my body.

So I started to run, then pulled my bib off my jacket, trying to pin it on my shirt under the jacket and gym bag.

I knew it was bound to happen, but really?  I don't sleep enough as is, and now I'm dreaming about what could go wrong at the marathon.


Xaarlin said...

Oh lord that is too funny! Im waiting for some marathon induced nightmares to start. Im currently on the verge of emotional breakdown after todays crappy run. Maybe a blog post to get all the bad thoughts out will help?

3 weeks from tomorrow!!! OMG!!!!

Kim said...

Ugh! Marathon nightmares are the worst!!!! Keep telling them to us, because I bet they will become more and more ridic. ;)